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  WenZhou Pusen Electrical Technology Co,Ltd. is a professional thermal products manufauturer. Asthe mission is to "create excellent quality,provide first-class service",we are committed to R&D, manufacturing and sales of cooling products to provide customers a complete cooling solution;also will provide much diverse products.The products we developed is of unique design,good performance and stability in productrange,which are widely used invarious types of computer,home appliances,industrial equipment,communications equipment,invert electrical control box,switching power supply,welding machine,the automobile industry,precision insrtruments,toys,Gifts and other industries,and as the excellent quanlity and good corporate image we win the popular trust and praise at home and abroad.
Since its inception,our company insists on developing products characteried with Environment protection,stability,long life,small vibration,low noise,low power comsumption and easy installation for users through hard efforts to earn popular favor. Now our main products include:DC/AC cooling fans,motors,CPU/GPU Radiator,heat pipe Radiator,Monitor radiator and various types of fans and radiators,covering the full range of cooling requirements form hardware devices in Thermal.We can handle various cooling products in accordance with customers’ requirements.
We regards product quality as our enterprise life,our products have approved by the CE,ISO,Certification,We adhere to do series of related tests before volume production of new products to obtain the second and third-party quality veritication.Also regularly we send samples to SGS for testing to ensure stable and reliable product quality.The company strictly operates process control management in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001,with continuous improvement of quality .we are getting better and better to access to perfect.Through effective"7s"on-site management the staff get great improvement,which will carefully treat work and comstantly improve the level of processing technology.We strive for excellence in every step,from the details of operations to ensure superior quanlity products.
With high quality,excellent service,reasonable prices we welcome all users,relying on innovation,technology,wirkmanship to serve the users,we look forward to working our new and old customers hand in hand to create win-win way!
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